Ilse koch tattoo - A Dark Chapter in Tattoo History: Nazi Prisoner Tattoos

Tattoo ilse koch Nazi photo

Nazi Women: 10 Monstrous Female Nazi War Criminals

Tattoo ilse koch Ilse Koch

Tattoo ilse koch The Tattoo

The Witch of Buchenwald

Tattoo ilse koch The “Witch

Ilse Koch

Tattoo ilse koch World War

Tattoo ilse koch The “Witch

“Die Hexe von Buchenwald” — a famous German fairytale

Tattoo ilse koch Ilse Koch

Tattoo ilse koch Nazi photo

The Tattoo Collectors: Film & Fiction

Tattoo ilse koch Ilse Koch

World War 2

Tattoo ilse koch Female Nazi

Ilse Koch Tattoo

Ilsa went with him and became a SS-Aufseherin overseer at the camp.

  • More: But after huge public pressure she was re-arrested the following year, trialled in west Germany and sentenced to life before she hanged herself in 1967.

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Female Nazi guards tortured and killed thousands, beat naked women to death & 'made lampshades from human skin'

She was described by her teachers and neighbours alike as being a polite, friendly girl and her childhood was considered normal by the standards of her time.

  • She was convicted of charges of incitement to murder, incitement to attempted murder and incitement to the crime of committing grievous bodily harm, and on 15 January 1951 was sentenced to life imprisonment and permanent forfeiture of civil rights.

  • She later made several petitions for a pardon, all of which were rejected by the Bavarian Ministry of Justice.