Erika Girardi nackt - Erika Jayne Girardi Is Facing Additional Serious Allegations

Nackt  Erika Girardi Tom Girardi

Nackt  Erika Girardi 'RHOBH's Erika

Nackt  Erika Girardi Erika Jayne

Judge Makes A Shocking Decision Against Erika Girardi In Her Latest Court Ruling

Nackt  Erika Girardi Lawyer vows

Nackt  Erika Girardi RHOBH: Erika

Nackt  Erika Girardi Erika Girardi

Nackt  Erika Girardi 'Damaging' Proof

Nackt  Erika Girardi How 'Real

Nackt  Erika Girardi How 'Real

The Erika Girardi Legal Issues Explained

Nackt  Erika Girardi The Erika

RHOBH star Erika Jayne's ex Tom Girardi's prized possessions including his Cadillac to be auctioned off after bankruptcy

Erika Jayne addresses Scooter Braun affair rumors amid Tom Girardi divorce

On camera: Legal professionals are going to be scrutinizing the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after Erika's finances became a focal point in the embezzlement case against her estranged spouse She also feels that hiring Richards is a conflict of interest because he's currently representing plaintiffs in another case against her spouse.

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  • All the cases involving the couple are ongoing, with Girardi most recently invoking his Fifth Amendment right to stay silent.