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my vagina hole is verrry small i want to make it big .

"Some patients using traction devices for six months have noticed a gain in size of 1-2cm.

  • Another limitation is sexual inexperience among some participants.

  • After Roseanne said something about Tom having a small penis, Tom responded thusly:Even a 747 would look small if it was landing in the Grand Canyon.

Why Big Vaginas Are The New Small Penises?

He says he's in town for a conference but he has to fly back home tomorrow afternoon.

  • My belief is the reasons a guy tells a girl that they are too big are: a He has a small penis b His technique sucks c He wants anal d He is a misogynist due to serious self esteem issues and is trying compensate by belittling others e all of the above Anyway, personally, I think that if a guy gets to the point with a girl where he get's to put something in there and he is churlish enough to say crap like that he deserves to be out the door in about 5sec.

  • I lost my virginity to a man with a huge penis.