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Clay Wilson Wagenknecht Obituary (2000

One lady of distinction, Margie, was put on six months probation for riding on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by a leather-wearing young farmer from Smithton, John Wagenknecht, her future husband.

  • from 2 July 2019, until 15 May 2020• In 1912 he was elected Assistant State Secretary of the SPW.

  • Brad runs 300 days a year and plays basketball religiously.

Margie Wagenknecht

See, for example: "Wag's Letter", The Socialist [Seattle], whole no.

  • Political views [ ] Economic policy [ ] Wagenknecht has argued that the Left Party must pursue radical and goals, thereby remaining distinct from the more moderate SPD and.

  • I have fond memories of Margie from Calvary Episcopal Church in the 70s.

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