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Dominatrix ‚Äėkidnapped‚Äô, humiliated men to make rent money

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Brutal domina 1930s French

Brutal domina Lady Hannah

Lady Lilus Top 100

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Brutal domina 'Gypsy Sisters'


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Practices & Scenarios

Brutal domina Lady Hannah


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Mistress JordynRae

Penis torture chambers used to stop people masturbating

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  • I also experienced elaborately scripted and costumed role-play scenes, cake-sitting fetishes yes, sitting on a cake , food-fight fetishes, and men who wanted me to pretend I was 30-feet tall and was going to crush them.

This dominatrix is whipping couples into shape with BDSM therapy (Video)

she's opening her wallet to provide badly-needed assistance.

  • The 25-year-old was one of the first recruits to join the all-female Al-Khansaa brigade in 2014, a group of women jihadists that has been compared to Hitler's Gestapo.

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