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Famous German People

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leader of the American Nazi Party, which in 1983, influenced by esoteric Nazism, he renamed as the New Order• — oil entrepreneur and philanthropist who is now best known for giving his name to the , one of the largest philanthropic foundations• He started playing as a goal keeper in 1987 and at a later stage he also joined Bayern Munich.

  • In philosophy, Leibniz is most noted for his optimism, e.

  • 1756—1825 , Elector 1799—1805 and King 1805—1825 of Bavaria• — 19th-century politician and pharmacist from• Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

9 German Stereotypes That Are Straight Up True

— actress, of part German descent• born 1956 , high jumper• born 1969 , vocalist, musician and composer• National Geographic Collegiate Atlas of the World.

  • — inventor of rodeo equipment• — painter best known for his paintings of nudes, clowns and portraits and his ill-fated voyage of the South Pacific• Germans Love Sausage Unless you like living off potatoes and staple foods, traditional German food is an insult to vegetarians.

  • — confectioner and mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee• — actor and director; mother is German• In 1939, he wrote the famous letter to President Roosevelt warning him that the Nazis might develop a nuclear bomb.

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